Tips for Healthy Hair.

Tips for Healthy Hair.

Good, healthy and strong hair can go a long way in boosting one’s confidence and leave you feeling super attractive. Having great shiny, bouncy and thick hair accompanied with a neat hairdo will make your friends and colleagues envy you.

Having good hair, however, requires one to take good care of it. Poor and neglected hair always has a negative effect such as hair breakage andhairdo falling, dry or too oily hair, etc., making your hair unhealthy. We all know how unhealthy hair is least attractive.

So, you may be wondering what are some of the pro tips to adhere to, in order to have bouncy, shiny and attractive hair. Well, worry not because below we take a look at the best tips to ensure your hair is in the best condition always.

Look After Your Hair

Cover your hair in cases of extreme weather conditions, rain, sun, and wind. Leaving your hair open to too much heat will make your hair and scalp dry with an accumulation of dirt that may at times cause infections. You can always cover your hair with a hat or an umbrella to protect it from rain or too much sun.

Correct Conditioning.

Conditioning your hair in the right way, especially after washing is essential. Conditioners are meant to trap and maintain moisture within your hair stem.

Ensure that you use the right amount of conditioner and start from the correct point around say 2 inches from the scalp. Poor conditioning, by either, using too much conditioner may make your hair too oily while less conditioner may leave your hair dry.

Do not Use Tight Hair Bands or Ties.

Tight hair ties negatively affect your hair. They impact too much stress on your hair which may cut hair portions down.

Regularly Brush Your Hair.

Every morning make sure to brush your hair, leaving your hair unkempt will make it form knots. Regular brushing will make the oils distribute equally within your hair.

short neat hairWhen brushing your hair ensure it is not wet, brush your hair softly and avoid being rough since this will make you remove too much hair from the scalp. Brush your hair before hitting the shower. Wet tangled hair will be difficult to brush.

Wash and Rinse your Hair Properly.

When washing your hair avoid using hot water; hot water washes away the hairs’ natural oils leaving it vulnerable. Its advisable to use lukewarm water to rinse your hair before shampooing, after you are done shampooing you can clean the hair using cold water.