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Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal.

The growth of excess hair, especially in undesired body parts, can be a challenging menace to control both in men and women. There are different techniques for getting rid of the hair; waxing, shaving, etc., but these methods offer little in terms of complete removal of the excess hair.

Laser technology offers one of the best hair removal techniques. Reasons being, is laser hair removal is not as painful as commonly thought comparedfeet hair removal to waxing, hair plucking, etc. In addition, laser technology offers a more permanent solution to reducing or getting rid of excess hair.

Another significant advantage of laser hair removal technology is that it can be used to get rid of hair even in the most delicate regions of the body. Below is a guide on most, if not all, you need to know about laser hair removal should you be considering to get a more permanent solution to get rid of the excess hair.

The main aim of laser technology in hair removal is to kill the hair follicles using light. This ensures that the hairs can longer grow back again for a longer duration of time since the follicles have been destroyed.

Even though 100% hair removal cannot be guaranteed after one treatment, most dermatologists will recommend frequent treatments. There is no given number of medications that can assure best results since people are different.

Laser technology as stated earlier can be used to get rid of excess hair in almost all body regions. Even though this is possible, it does not do a precise job of trimming eyebrows. Also, the fact that it will be used close to the eyes is not advisable.

One of the most significant questions asked whenever seeking laser hair removal services is whether it is painful. However, amount of pain is relative depending on the body part and the person. Body parts such as the upper area of the lip and the bikini regions are more delicate thus can be a little bit painful. This pain can nevertheless be reduced by use of a numbing cream applied some few minutes before the process begins.

Another bone of contention is on whether laser hair removal works well on all types of hair. Well, laser technology works best on black hair. This is because the laser spots the dark coloring of hair follicles, therefore making it challenging to sport lighter pigments of white or blond hair.laser hair removal

Laser hair removal technology does have its disadvantages too. Yeah, you read that right. In some cases, people can either suffer from hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation.

  • Hyperpigmentation basically refers to the blackening of the skin which may happen after the laser hair removal.
  • Hypopigmentation, on the other hand, is the lightening of the skin due to lack of production of melanin in the region where laser technology has been used.

Burns, blisters, scars etc. are also potential risks.…